Discover the unique advantage of NXT Extended Stay – where seasoned real estate brokers leverage their expertise to redefine mid-term rentals, enhancing the value of your property investment.

Why Choose NXT Extended Stay?

We specialize in the art of mid-term rentals (30 days to less than one year), combining the proficiency of licensed real estate brokers with a dedicated focus on maximizing your property's potential.

Maximize your mid-term rental with nxt level services

No wait philosophy for guests and owners with our 24/7 support
Guest vetting to ensure your home is in good hands
Cutting-edge in-house marketing strategies
As licensed real estate brokers, we uphold the highest standards, ensuring legal compliance in every rental
Ability to move from short-term to mid-term rental depending on owner preference and HOA/legal constriants
Strategic tech-enhanced dynamic pricing to remain competitive while increasing your bottom line
Don't just take our word for it, NXT has 5-star reviews
Strategic cross-platform exposure to millions worldwide
Enhanced cleaning and proactive maintenance with a network of trusted vendors

Strategic Cross-Platform Exposure

Through NXT Vacation Management, your property gains visibility in high-demand short-term rental channels, while NXT Extended Stays secures lucrative mid-term opportunities. This cross-platform exposure ensures consistent occupancy and revenue throughout the year.
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24/7 management ensuring seamless operations

NXT’s dedicated teams are available around the clock to support you and your guests. When booking through NXT, travelers can anticipate top-notch service and accommodations that meet five-star standards.

Marrying Experience With Innovation

Benefit from the experience of Clint Worland and Andrew Canter, licensed real estate brokers who redefine mid-term rentals. Our innovative approach integrates the best practices of long-term rentals with the flexibility and profitability of short-term stays, creating a dynamic strategy tailored to your property.
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Choose NXT Extended Stay for a tailored, comprehensive approach to mid-term rentals that redefines the potential of your property investment.

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